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Where are my packages? Please update tracking


I've been waiting since February 27th for a package from China to USA. Tracking number: LY669791645CN
Tracking says flight departed, but USPS tells me it's still in China even though it's been 15 days since flight departed. Where is my package? I have two others from China to USA that have been stuck on flight departed for less time, but still no update, i'm very confused, please just tell me where they are. The tracking numbers are LY670714209CN and LY679081455CN. Are any of them still in China even though they said flight departed?

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Hi michael,

It usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after airline departure. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.

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