where is my package? please help, Tracking Number:RS396687595CN

Asked by flame | 2/17/2017 1:57:29 AM

Tracking Number:RS396687595CN

I ordered it over a month ago

I have not received the package yet, so I checked the status of the parcels.
And I got an alert. This information worried me. From this reason, I have couple of questions.
Can you tell me where is my parcel, what is a problem with it or can you explain to me what is happening and what can I do to get my order as soon as possible.

Probably back to rail transit in Beijing and he stuck there.
Please help me find my parcel and contact with China post and help get my order

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Daniel 2/17/2017 5:08:12 AM

Hi Flame,

You couldn't get it. Your package arrived your country on Feb. 4 but was returned back to China on Feb. 10. It's in Beijing now and in transit to Dongguan City. The sender will get it later. You'd better contact the sender and ask him to send it again to you.

Tracking details:

2017-02-13 14:01
Beijing Exchange Bureau, import each other (internal transit)

2017-02-13 13:05
Exchange Bureau in Beijing, has imported opening

2017-02-10 09:12
In Warsaw, has been exported

2017-02-10 09:11
Warsaw, leaving

2017-02-07 08:18
PLZABA, the transfer of customs

2017-02-06 03:10
In Warsaw, the transfer of customs

2017-02-04 21:37
Warsaw, Poland, to Exchange Bureau

2017-01-21 15:25
Guangzhou Terminal, left hand navigation

2017-01-21 15:23
Guangzhou Terminal, arrival

2017-01-20 08:10
Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou, have been exported directly

2017-01-19 21:58
Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou, have been exported to open

2017-01-19 20:51
Dongguan postal company cross-border e-commerce international parcel processing centre, left, next stop "Center of Dongguan"

2017-01-19 20:50
Dongguan postal company cross-border e-commerce international parcel processing centre

2017-01-19 20:49
Dongguan postal company cross-border e-commerce international parcel processing centre has received send

flame 2/17/2017 10:11:20 AM


Can you check why it returned to china? What was wrong with package? What are the possibilities?
I have a little contact problem with sender, and maybe you could advise me, how can I give him some note with packet.

Have you got any contact with this place, where the package is now. Talk with them and please them to write a note.

Daisy 2/17/2017 8:22:51 PM

Sorry, China Post doesn't provide the reason about why it was returned in tracking system. So, I couldn't check it for you. It can only be asked by the sender by calling China Post in China.

Where did you make the order? I suggest you open a dispute to ask your money back as soon as possible if you couldn't get connected to the sender.

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