China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Where is this shipment?


This shipment was sent April 3rd.
No updates are available.
​Shipper: China Post
Tracking number: ​​​​AS135943285CN
Shipping status: Shipped

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Hi Ezak56,

According to the tracking information, AS135943285CN was delivered on April 16. If you don't get it, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time.

Number: AS135943285CN
Package status: Delivered (15 Days)
2022-04-16 05:39 Duly voted
2022-04-13 02:42 Go out and deliver
2022-04-12 02:10 Mail is in transit within the country
2022-04-11 01:03 Arrive in the United States United States
2022-04-01 17:58 Leave Chengdu Chengdu

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