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Wheres my package


Just wondering if i can get some info regarding a package im waiting for
Tracking number is LL078790522CN

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Hi Garry,

It's in Australia now. Australia Post will deliver it to you recently.

Tracking information for LL078790522CN:

2019-04-08 09:39
Australia, arrival processing center, from Changsha, China

2019-03-28 13:46
Arrive at Changsha treatment Center, International Business Branch, delivery division, Hunan province, China Post Group Corporation

2019-03-28 13:45
Changsha, has left China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Hunan International Mail Processing Center, sent to China Post Group Hunan Province Delivery Division International Business Branch Changsha

2019-03-27 14:43
Changsha, China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Hunan International Express Branch Direct received
Just wondering if i can get some info regarding a package im waiting for
Tracking number is LT501945266CN. It said it arrived in my city but then was not able to be delivered for some reason. Now it's been taken back to another facility in Fremont, which is a distance from where I'm located.
Can you please update me on tracking numbers LT728716761CN

Both packages seem to be stuck in the same place for over 7 days. What happened to them? Thank you!
can you track this: LL717929726CN and tell me if there is some problem? It's 15 days and it is still in some place!

Hi Antoniostef,

It left China on Sep. 11 and en route to Italy now. It usually takes about 20-40 days to have further update showing it arrives in Italy.

2019-09-11 11:16 - Changsha City, delivered to air transport
Hi, I want to find out why my package has been at Changsha Processing Center, International Business Branch Of China Post Group Corporation, Hunan Province for 7 days already. Track number LO465888802CN
My package doesn't seem to have moved in over 1 month , still not left China?
Tracking number is

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