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Wondering about my package


Hello I am wondering if the item I ordered in January is still in transit or stuck or lost in transit the tracking number is UT485619654TH could someone please look into this the item was to be a birthday gift for my nephew.

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Hi Team,
Tracking number LV229136739CN, just wondering if you can update me on where the package currently is up to in its transit?

Thank you :-)

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Hi, I was wondering where my package is. It hadn't moved since March 9th. I was wondering when it will arrive in Canada. Thanks
Tracking number CP422607155

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My tracking number is US940112322CN and when I go to track my package the last update on it is a planed hand over to flight KE0828-001 at 12:45 and this was on June 18 at 04:42:21 I was just wondering when that was going to happen

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