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Wrong destination


Hey can you help me to find where is the destination of these tracking number, RV442741640CN and RV434977122CN? I tracked myself and found the destination country isnt where i live. Can two carriers have the same tracking number or am i just get fooled by false tracking number?

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2 Answer(s)

Hi sekaradinia,

The destination country for RV442741640CN is Russia. It's in Russia now.

The destination country for RV434977122CN is Spain.
My package failed China customs twice and now it has been sent the 3rd time to SWEDEN where I live.
The new tracking number is CP352470820CN but not when I track it, it says "delivered" with SWITZERLAND (I DON'T live there) as the destination but it was sent back to China?
I am so confused. Where is my package? I need it soon for my wedding next month.
I am not in Switzerland. The package should be sent to Sweden.
Help please! :(

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