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China Post Announcement on the Delivery of Masks and Other Anti-epidemic Materials

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread worldwide, the global demand for anti-epidemic supplies, such as masks, made in China sees a sharp rise. China Customs imposes no ban on the export of masks and other anti-epidemic materials. For reasonable use by individuals, masks and other anti-epidemic products can be delivered by China Post. Please see the precautions for using EMS international to deliver masks and other protective articles as follows:

Customs Declaration Requirements

Any anti-epidemic goods, including face masks, shipped by China Post must be declared accurately for the purpose of self-use within a reasonable scope of quantity and strictly follow international shipping prohibitions & restrictions, without any illegal items. The contents and value of the parcel shall be declared accurately in Chinese, English or destination language. In the case mask parcel, do not declare your parcel in a general and vague way such as "anti-epidemic articles". The value per parcel to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall not exceed CNY 800, and that to other countries and regions shall not exceed CNY 1,000.

Restrictions on Importing Countries (Regions)

Currently, China has not imposed any specific restrictions on the shipping of masks for self-use within a reasonable scope of quantity to countries/regions hit hard by the novel coronavirus epidemic. Masks and other anti-epidemic items shipped shall be of good quality and meet the standards of the destination countries/regions or organizations.

Delivery Time

EMS international parcels are currently delayed to a larger extent than usual due to the mass flight cancellations by airlines, limited overseas postal delivery and other factors. Please track your parcels in time on


Q: What anti-epidemic items can be shipped?
A: China Post accepts the delivery of personal anti-epidemic materials like masks, goggles, protective clothing and gloves and rejects liquid, powder and other articles endangering aviation safety, such as alcohol and disinfectant. The masks mailed shall be qualified products by established manufacturers, and unbranded and dateless products by a nameless factory are banned.

Q: What are the customs and postal policies in countries?
A: The rapid changes in COVID-19 epidemic result the constant rectifications in epidemic policies by countries. You are suggested to consult the recipient about the customs and postal policies of the destination in advance. The following tips listed by country are for your reference only:
  • Japan
    Personal parcels: for medical use, the importer shall contact the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) of Japan.
    Company parcels: the medical masks shall be imported with the license provided by the importer and the approval by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan MHLW.
  • USA
    Self-use: no FDA control on masks within a reasonable scope of quantity.
  • EU (including UK)
    The quantity shall not exceed the self-use standard;
    All personal protective masks shall be CE certificated;
    In addition to the ingredient certificate, the masks to be delivered shall be clearly marked with the applicable standards, types and usage on the packaging.
  • Singapore
    No more than 150 pieces for self-use.
  • South Korea
    Personal protective items delivered free of duty by post.
  • Germany
    No tax waiver. All anti-epidemic items are taxed at the rate of 19% of the total parcel value.
  • Belgium
    Parcels to Europe at and below 22 Euros can be cleared without duty. Those between 22 and 150 Euros are charged at a value added tax of 21%.
  • Denmark
    Parcels at and below DKK 80 can be cleared without duty but a sum of customs clearance fee and VAT of DKK 160 will be charged. For parcels above DKK 80, 25% VAT will be charged in full.
  • Austria
    Parcels at and below 22 Euros and gifts at and below 45 Euros are free of VAT. Parcels at and below 150 Euros can be cleared without duty.
Q: How to send masks through EMS?
A: You can dial EMS service number 11183 to ask for a pick up. Or go to you nearest post office to send. The collection and sales staff will assist you in packaging and follow-up operations on the items that meet the requirements after checking.

Q: What’s the rate to post masks through EMS?
A: You can get rate for EMS from the following page:

Q: What express companies can ship masks?
A: You can choose DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX or EMS to deliver masks from China to a foreign country. A forwarding agency can be selected after weighing several express carriers. Generally speaking, DHL, UPS, TNT and FEDEX are faster and they can deliver your parcels within 5 days or so. DHL is better and faster in small parcels to Europe and America; FEDEX delivers better and faster in Southeast Asia, TNT in Middle East and UPS in large parcels to Europe and America.

China Post Package Delay Notice During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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