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3 weeks no update


tracking number RF487234651CN since 3 weeks any updates. is this normal? thanks

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Yes, it's normal for it. As it left China on Dec. 30, 2016 and on route/in transit to Mauritius now, there will be no update during this period. When it arrives the destination country, there will be update. It usually takes 30-60 days for it to arrive. Wait patiently.
Hi but yesterday i track it say it is on transit for 28days and today it is for 29days is it normal,and also that the package have been picked up and the port is closed since 30.12.16
Can you track these package also RF487234651CN bought on 29.12.2016, 04392096589 bought on 05.01.17
04386963497 bought on 03.01.17 all these ar delivered by china post but no new update
Hi Elodie,

04392096589 got by China post on Jan. 8
04386963497 got by China post on Jan. 4

These two packets are shipped by China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. It's a cheap service not registered and China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it. It usually takes two months to reach.

RF487234651CN is still in transit to your country. You'd better wait patiently for more days.

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