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8 times my package is rotating with the security and airlines since 01-Oct-2019


Dear Sir/Madam

My tracking number RP729302505CN recieved to post Qatar on 25-Sep-2019. Ever since then it keeps rotating around security & airlines.

Either must be rejected or inspected for 2-3 times... This way no one is benefiting... waste of time between seller, consumer & logistics... Also, security is wasting time for rechecking so many times which they cannot figure out in EIGHT TIMES ...

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Not the greatest company in the world are they! I've been waiting for going on a month as a package which is endlessly moving in a circle at ShenZehn, it seems eventually someone notices and puts it on a plane or returns to sender, but the system is incapable of noticing the problem of cycling security failures for a long time, which must cost them alot of money, but they don't know/care.

Still not as bad as the time I bought something from China to come here in nz, it went to germany, then new york, then china then here 8)

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