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Address Verification and Tracking Update Help request for RN674310235GB


I have 2 specific questions related to what might be an incorrect addressing issue:
1) I was asked to return an item to this address:
065000 河北 廊坊市 文安县大留镇镇霍村和平路9号 China
Google cannot find it and indicates an error in the duplicated characters in the middle of the writing, but I cannot read it to know if this is an actual error with the address or Google. Can you help verify it is actually a correct/legitimate address?
2) The tracking number RN674310235GB associated with this returned item shows the Royal Mail handing off the parcel to China Post, but there have been no updates by China Post beyond 12th August 2020 and the address is not shown in the tracking details, so I am concerned this parcel will not be delivered. Can you help provide any further tracking updates on this delivery, please?
Thank you.

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Hi alex,

The address is right. But the phone number is a must. Do you fill the phone number of the recipient?

It should be stuck in UK for many days. Better wait for more days to see it arrives in China.

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