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airline departure


LA977889865CN my parcel has airline departure multiple times, and has gone from shanghai to nanning

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Hi jpetch,

It has left China on April 26 and is en route to UK now. There will be upate when it arrives in UK. Please wait for more days to get update.
LO904394135CN Says Airline departure, does this mean it has left China ?
What mean airline departure? LY125546554CN
RV557045921CN parcel has airline departure from 7 days,

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Hello, Can you kindly explain status of EV014389807CN? It says airline departure. The origin is Guangzhou and destination is USA. Does AIRLINE DEPARTURE mean that the parcel is on currently on flight to USA?

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My package tracking is airline departure from 22 may 2021.. But still there is no any information about my package... Now its more the 10 days airline departure...what hell if airline departure there is no arrival frm 10 days the airline is in sky not arriving in
Tracking number is RV558088662CN
Order number is UBF50978

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My package (LZ568179147CN) shows airline departure on 05/01/2021. Just wondering how long before it should show up in the UK after that departure? Thanks.

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