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Could I get an update on my package and when it will arrive to canada.


It’s says departure by airline. Then Airline arrival and then departure by airline twice. I need this package rather urgently. EB803147642CN that’s the number thank you in advance.

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GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51040034 (1 reply)

I need you assistance please. My parcel says dispatch from sorting center since 16th of June 2020 en route to Canada. My tracking number is LZ136735236CN. Can i please have an update and when it will arrive in Canada.

Thank you

Packaged was tagged as delivered but did not arrive (2 replies)

Hello ... I have a package that was shipped through China Post to Canada and then subsequently to our Community Box by Canada Post. It did not arrive as identified on both China Post tracking and Canada Post tracking. In speaking with Canada Post they have advised that they can only investigate delivery issues within 3 business days of the delivery date and that time has passed. So I need to contact the sender as any further action will have to be initiated by the sender of the item. Any ideas how I would open a ticket up with China Post. Thanks in advance.

Arrive at Destination Airport for 10 days (3 replies)

Seems to be a mixed responses what 'arrive at destination airport" means. Package from China to Canada has been stuck at "arrive at destination airport' since October 25th. Not sure if that means that it's waiting to get on a flight to Canada? My tracking # is EB731030823CN.

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