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AM350613239CN - Says delivered but I have not received!


AM350613239CN the tracking for this parcel says delivered on the 12th of June but I have not received it. Who is the Australian courier company that delivered the package and what address did they deliver it to please as I definitely did not receive the package. Thanks so much and look forward to your speedy reply. Cheers and Sunshine, Carolyn Witt 0408887912

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My tracking info says it's been delivered. I never received it. It doesn't tell me where it got delivered, just says delivered. Says it's from USPS, they say they never received it. Contacted the company, and they said to contact my post office. I did, but they said they can't do anything because they never received anything. And now the company is ignoring me. Where is my package please?

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I have tracked this item and it states it has been delivered. it has not been delivered. I have not received it. I was in all day and no delivery came on the 20th November. I have also checked my CCTV and nothing was delivered. I have checked with all my neighbours, no delivery has been received. I have paid for an order which states delivered when tracked but I have NOT received the delivery. I have contacted the seller and they said they can’t help.

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Package says delivered but not received. I was home all day yesterday. Is there a way to find out which courier delivered it in United States to contact them?

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