Answered by track number is EE001022529MN ...... Please hurry up!!

Asked by Sarankhuu Jargal | 10/5/2016 9:16:15 PM

I sent my document to Beijing from Ulaanbaatar. track number is EE001022529. it say it is in Jian Guo men Beijing international post office telecommunications branch. Why is it takes for long time? Could guys get this delivery to where suppose to be it there in this week?

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Sarankhuu Jargal 10/6/2016 2:03:43 AM

Is it Holidays?
Still working Jian Guo men Beijing international post office telecommunications branch? When they start working back?

Admin 10/6/2016 2:17:35 AM

Hi Sarankhuu Jargal,

The tracking result shows this package has been delivered successfully today (October 6). You can contact the receiver to ask if he has got it.

Sarankhuu Jargal 10/6/2016 3:45:59 AM

Got ya bae! Thanks a lot!

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