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Arrived at destination?


Could you please tell me if my package LV449401708CN has arrived in destination country or not. Updates on tracking seem to be coming in days later than actual event when scanned. I would just like to no the status of package please and where it is now?

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Hi Crouchy#22,

It hasn't arrived in Australia. It's in China waiting for the flight now. You need to wait for another 15-30 days to see it arrives in Australia.

Number: LV449401708CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Australia
2022-03-25 19:27 The plane entered the port
2022-03-25 07:20 Airline departure
2022-03-25 06:56 Airline departure
2022-03-24 17:11 Airlines receive
2022-03-21 18:02 Airlines receive
2022-03-14 16:12 Zhuhai City, has been handed over to carriers for transportation
2022-03-14 16:04 Zhuhai City, Arriving at Zhuhai International Mail Exchange Station
2022-03-12 18:52 Zhuhai City, Leave 【Zhuhai International Mail Processing Center】,Next Stop【Zhuhai International Mail Exchange】
2022-03-12 09:07 Zhuhai City, [Zhuhai International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly sealed
2022-03-12 09:05 Zhuhai City, Export Customs/Clearance
2022-03-11 19:24 Zhuhai City, sent to the export customs
2022-03-11 15:27 Zhuhai City, Leaving 【International Business Branch】,Next Stop【Zhuhai International】
2022-03-11 15:14 Zhuhai City, [International Business Branch] has been received

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