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China Post tracking number: LY653849603CN


Hi China Post staff,
China Post tracking number: LY653849603CN
I was the receiver for this package.
But I already (refused) this package in US and have the carrier USPS/China Post sent this package back to the sender in CN.
I tracked this tracking number with China Post, but it showed this package was refused again in CN.
Did the sender refused this package again, I knew I was the receiver so I could refused this package, but how could the sender refused this package, I did not understand this matter?
By the way, I as the receiver I already refused this package, (please would not ship me back this package again, I would not accept this package).
(Must send and ship this package back to the sender), no exception. Please process and enter 'LY653849603CN, the sender must get this package back, because the receiver already refused this package.' in your China Post system and let the China Post staff who would involved know this information.
Please provide a solution for this matter of this tracking number for this package.
Please reply to me in detail as soon as possible.
Mr. Lau.

1 Answer(s)

Hi Mr. Lau,

It's not refused by the seller. It was returned back and the seller should have got it on March 27. You need to contact the seller to ask if he has received it.

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