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contact number for Zhengzhou office


I have a parcel currently sat waiting in the Zhengzhou office which as been 'presented to customs' 5 days ago. from speaking to other people who have had parcels pass though the ZZ office, it seems there is often a hold up which needs the customer to resolve. I'd like to call the office and ask if there is a problem with my parcel but I am unable to find any sort of contact number other than one mentioned on here, which now appears to be out of service.

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Hi Kelaifu,

There are many post offices in Zhengzhou office. It's hard for you to contact the office. They could only speak Chinese. What's the tracking number?
Hi Daisy,
Thanks for your reply, It seems the parcel was released from customs pretty much the same time as I posted the question, so I don't need to contact them now. My parcels should arrive in a few days.

I would still appreciate the contact number though, whichever office handles parcels from abroad, I don't know if theres more than one. I hope to order a bunch of things from the UK soon, so having their contact may be useful.

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