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Does your office has my package


I would like to find out my package I didn't receive your message or your phone calls before my phone is off out data can you contact me as soon as possible is you have a package on my name I'm a student of liaoning Shihua university fushun

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Hi Pierre amour ABOYA,

What's the tracking number?

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Tracking number AQ215735508CN is lost. It shows delivered to my local post office. I called the post office, and they say that the package was never received. It shows that my package was delivered to Turlock post office on 10/20/2022, however, my post office does not have anything in their office. I need you to confirm where the package is so I can try to get my money back from the company I ordered from. This package has now been in transit over 1 month :(. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I sent a parcel to Sanyuanli Village and it has been at the Guanghzhou delivery office since 16/04/2017.
Status mentions: Guangzhou city Post Office 机场路 Post Office delivery office
If you could please let me know the address of the delivery office and I can tell the recipient to pick this up
And a phone number to contact the office please
Thank you

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My traking systems said my package is here: Guangzhou city 会展Post Office delivery office.
But which post office is it?
Thank you

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