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EMS not moving at all


My EMS package to Poland is not moving: EX215657964SG
19 Mar 2020 15:48
Shipment arrived at facility and measured. Longhua,Shenzhen,China
19 Mar 2020 07:24
4PX Express picked up the shipment Longhua,Shenzhen,China

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Hey Daisy, how are you?
My package isn't moving since a month ago, the package has 100 days since i order it. Could you please check them?

Thank you
EB757253978CN Please can someone help me track my order it has a red warning signal next to my designated country and not too sure what has happened
EB751874979CN My package hasn’t moved since September should I just assume it’s lost at this point and these aren’t Covid delays?
Hi, my EMS package been shipped from china on March 30 and it’s been stuck at GUANGZHOU for awhile now
tracking number is: EV015161640CN
could you please help me :(

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