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Package from Shein says it’s still in transit.


I have a package of about 16 items coming from Shein that was supposed to be delivered by November 14th and it has still yet to leave transit. Can you make sure it’s still moving.

Tracking Code: 420457019205590285412404937041

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Hi AbigailElizabeth,

We couldn't make sure. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution if you couldn't get them in time.

Number: 420457019205590285412404937041
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> Unknown
2020-10-29 00:00, Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item -> The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on October 29, 2020 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available.
Hi i have package from shein it's say's GUANGZHOU GOODS ARRIVE AT THE RECIEVING POINT it was Oct 26,2020 and up to now i cannot track my order im so frustrated bcoz it's my first time to order in Shein this is my tracking number SGFGH0000009802YQ
Hi honeyj2321,

I couldn't get any tracking information for it. You'd better contact the seller to get a solution if you couldn't receive it in time.
Hi listen i ordered 20 things from shein and i ordered it on Nov 30 2020 it is now Jan 4th it keeps saying that it is in transit. where are my packages!!
Where is my package it was supposed to be here by December 14th (ordered in November) tracking: 420235039205590285272014865918
Hi, so I ordered from SHEIN a week ago and it still hasn’t come, and it’s stuck on transit. And I’m getting very impatient because when I usually order from SHEIN my packages come way faster and now I don’t know what’s going on.
Why is my order still in transmit
Hi I have items in transit and Shien sent me an email saying I should pay customer duties. What's that about?
Hi Abigail,

You need to contact Shien or customs to check.
Hey information say that the package arrive to my country , Israel post say they didn’t get it .. the seller block me and don’t want to refund can you help me ?
Track number LZ605823314CN
Hi Orit daniel,

Israel post hasn't got it. It's stuck now. If it's stuck there for a long time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
Hello, my USPS tracking info says “in transit, arriving late” it was supposed to arrive today. The expected delivery date disappeared from my usps page. Is my package still coming?
Hi my shein package is in transit from the 10 april and haven't moved at all,it was supposed to reach for my daughter birthday early in may... I'm confused and don't know what to do. This is the tracking #420331269205590296822800006610
My SHEIN order has been stuck in transit for 8 days and is supposed to arrive in 3-4 days. The tracking is yet to update on UPS, SHEIN, And the other tracking apps/websites I've been using. Can you help me? here's my tracking NO. 9205590285412602012045
Why is my Shien package still in the same spot as the begging when it was supposed to be delivered alrdy
My package has been in transit in over 2 weeks now and I have called the delivery company in denmark that should sent me my package. And they said that my package is gone and they said that I should get my money back from SHEIN because I ordered this package 1 month ago. I either want my package or my money.
My order is Still “in transit” after 10 days And I think there’s something wrong with it. When it is going to arrive?
did it arrive ?
hey, my package has been in transit for 11 days now and i just want to know when it’s going to come .. my tracking number is #9212490285271824787581
Hi claire,

What's the courier for 9212490285271824787581?
Hello there I accidentally deleted my shein account after I paid my account please help me wil I still get my clothing
Why is my status at shein says cleared what does it mean .
My order has been "In Transit: China Flight Departure" since Oct 13. It is now Oct. 18. It's suppose to arrive Oct 24-26. Is it going to arrive on time?
My order has been "In Transit: China Flight Departure" since Oct 13. It is now Oct. 18. It's suppose to arrive Oct 24-26. Is it going to arrive on time?
Hi. I was meant to receive my order 12-13 October it is now 20th of October and it’s been sitting at a “HUB” for 8 days now I am extremely confused and scared I’m not even going to get it in time for Halloween
My tracking number is 00199349968019862446
GSUME100W000XE2 my order number my order has been stuck in transit for 14 days now , and am not getting any update.
I got a call from Buffalo logistics yesterday saying that my shein order has arrived in South Africa and they will send me a sms or email regarding tax payment but I still have not received it.
Order no. GSHMPR37C00JQ5L I have not seen any updates on my orders tracking list since 6th November. My Order has left warehouse after that there is no update. Am i getting my stuffs or not.
Hi, I have a question. I have 3 things off Shein and two of them were on the same day I made my purchase. The first two orders I made together were on November 26 2021 and the delivery date was supposed to be December 10-12, but it is now almost December 14 and I have not received them yet. Why is it still stuck in Transit or Origin Scan?
Why is my package stuck in transit for 10days

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