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envió a argentina n°UJ152638388CN


like unknown figure ??? They don't know where my package from China is going (ARGENTINA)

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Hi sergio sirgo,

It's in transit to Argentina now. There will be further update when it arrives.

Number: UJ152638388CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Argentina
2020-03-05 23:50, Shenzhen, delivered to air transport
2020-03-04 23:07, Shenzhen, planned flight, scheduled flight number CZ347, scheduled departure time 00:20
2020-03-04 17:48, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-02 23:39, Shenzhen, leaving the Shenzhen International Bulk Processing Center, the next stop , Shenzhen International
2020-03-02 22:58, Shenzhen, "Shenzhen International Bulk Processing Center" has received
2020-03-02 11:02, Logistics order created

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