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registered tracking number


Hi, I´m shipping, 11 packages from Guangzou to Argentina "surface -air ", I want to be sure that my cartons can be tracked.
"It can be tracked and traced with shipment status if it's registered" this is what the web page text says above.
How is the right way to proceed to get the shipping tracking numbers registered?
Thank you very much.

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Hi Arnaldo,

If you want it to be tracked, you need to pay additional registration fee when send the packages. It's usually 8RMB for each package.
Hi Daisy, I´m Trying to send via Surface - Air 11 large packages, From Guangzhou to Argentina, the size of each carton is : G.W.(Kg.) 12---CBM 0,057----- The packing size is 53*38*29cm/carton.
The cartons contains ski goggles, Frame material : soft TPU, Lenses Material: PC.
The sender says me that China Post does´t want to ship this load, No clear reasons for that,
Can you tell me if this kind of shipping is possible or not and if it is not what could be the reasons?
Thank you very much.
I think these can be sent. But as you aim to ship too many ski goggles, they may couldn't be passed by customs check.
Dear Sir,

My price estimation for shipping 14Kg package (welder) from Shenzhen to Greece via the SAL shipping is : 693.1(SAL shipping) + 8 (tracking) + 8 (export customs declaration) = 709.1 RMB

The sender says this price is wrong and he gives a price of about 3 times more. Where am I wrong in my calculation ?


You calculation is right. It couldn't be three times more than this price even you use air to send. But if your package size exceeds the size limit, he may ask for more.

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