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Need Registered tracking number


Hi Sir,
Can you please send me the registered tracking number for this tracking number which is provided by the supplier. I cannot track my parcel without the registered tracking number. Kindly help me please.
Thanking you for your help.
Awaiting your reply
Abul Hasan

请给我发送该供应商提供的跟踪号码的注册跟踪号。 没有注册的追踪号码,我无法跟踪我的包裹。 请帮帮我

1 Answer(s)

Hi Abul Hasan,

It's impossible to provide you with the tracking number without knowing the information of the sender or the recipient. You'd better call 11185 to ask China Post about this. They need you to provide the sender's phone, address, name, delivery time and some information. Then, they could check the tracking number for you.

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