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Explanation of Tracking Results- Is my package still in route/returned to sender


Explanation of Tracking Results- Is my package still in route or has it been returned to sender?




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United States

Destination - Cached time: 2021-08-23 19:53:34 (GMT-05:00)
2021-08-05 18:05

CHINA, GUANGZHOU, Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through a facility in GUANGZHOU, CHINA on August 5, 2021 at 6:05 pm.
2021-08-05 16:21

CHINA, Acceptance

Origin - Cached time: 2021-08-23 19:53:34 (GMT-05:00)
2021-08-19 20:02

Guangzhou City, return the correct investment
2021-08-19 19:32

Guangzhou City, "Provincial International Baiyun Business Department" arrangements for delivery, delivery: Luo Zheng, telephone: 13927721343, the Ministry of Transport tel: 020-36515496
2021-08-19 18:56

Guangzhou City, Arriving at the Provincial International Baiyun Business Department
2021-08-19 09:32

Guangzhou City, leaving the Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center, the next stop , the provincial international Baiyun Business Department
2021-08-18 14:58

Guangzhou City, import customs release
2021-08-18 14:56

Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2021-08-06 15:28

Guangzhou, Export Customs / Retention to be verified
2021-08-06 15:13

Guangzhou City, sent to export customs
2021-08-05 18:15

Guangzhou City, Arriving at Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center
2021-08-05 17:59

Guangzhou City, leaving the Provincial International Dongshan Business Department, the next stop
2021-08-05 16:21

Guangzhou City, "Provincial International Dongshan Business Department" has received, touting the caster: Su Jiyi, telephone: 13927721343

1 Answer(s)

Hi jmbnola,

It was returned back to the seller and the seller has got it on August 19. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

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