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freight cost from china to Uganda/Kampala for an 14kg engine/tiller


What is the freight cost for
Transport from china to Uganda/Kampala for an 14kg engine/tiller without battery?Dimensions 60cm by 40cm by 30cm
Supplier's address is
Zhejiang Anqidi Power Machinery Co.,Ltd Tengda Road,Luqiao District,Taizhou,Zhejiang China 318050

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You can use China Post large package service to send it.

From China to Uganda/Kampala, two transportation ways are available, by air and by Surface (ship).

The costs for the two ways are as follows:
By Air: For the first 1kg, it costs 179.1 RMB and every additional 1kg 94.6 RMB
By Surface: For the first 1kg, it costs 106 RMB and every additional 1kg 16.8 RMB

As the weight limit for package to Uganda is 10 kg by air and 20 kg by Surface, you can only use the second way. The cost for 14 kg package will be 325 RMB.

Can you convert for me RMB to US dollars or Yuan?

What do you mean by RMB?
What is 325RMB in US dollars or Yuan?
How will i connect the supplier and you? Send you link? Transport it to your address/Ware house in china?
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How will i pay for the charges(eg 325RMB) in order to have it shipped? On website?....this is my first time to use chinapost.
RMB refers to CNY (Chinese Yuan). 325RMB is about 50 US dollars.

We are sorry that we couldn't help you to ship it as we are not the official website of China Post. We just offer some information about China Post and help people to track their parcel.

Are you in China now? There are many China post offices in Taizhou City of Zhejiang that offer international package service. You should go there to send it. If not, you'd better contact the supplier and let them to help send (I think if you buy their products, they should include the shipment service). They might have other ways to send except using China Post. There must be other international freight companies that offer that service which have much cheaper price.

Their contact information are:
Tel: 86-576-82419166
Fax: 86-576-82419160
Can China post deliver me a 42 inch tv to Uganda, hw long does it take n how much money does it cost in US Dollars. Thanks
Hi Kamulegeya,

I'm afraid China Post office would not accept to deliver the TV for you as it's easy to be broken. I hear from my friends that you can dial 11185 which is the China post service line to let them send but if you need to pay a high fee to insure it. As for the cost, by Suface, it may cost about 70 US Dollars without the insurance fee.

I think the TV produced in China couln't be used in Uganda. Why do you buy it in China?

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