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From 27th of December 2019 till today ( 19th of may 2020)


I can’t apply for returning my package nor it’s moving just say it’s located in blablabla place. If you call customer service they say really sorry for trouble nd I’ll file your package to confirm it’s location and our representative will call you back within 24 hours Nd yet I’m the one calling them back right after 48 hours. For which I’m sick Nd tired of it. I call them enough times so they remember me once I tell them the package stuck in that city they’ll say oh okay yes we know.. we’re sorry nd our representatives will call you within 24 hours. It is continue in a loop whatever you say they’ll just repeat that statement. Even I visit the place from where I shipped the whole package, they are saying because of weather it was stuck Nd it will start moving next month , Nd this continues from March till now..I can understand the weather might be the reason from January till April.. but come on.. it’s may,,even in countries like Canada or Russia the snow will melt away.
What should I do now. Does anyone know,, please help.

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Hi De,

If it's what you bought from a seller, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.

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