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how long will be to be deliver


Hi, my tracking number is CP403460497CN

I ordered it on March 17, 2020, the package had been sitting on transit since March 31, 2020 until now. One of my friend ask about my package information on May 4,2020, the representative told her that it is waiting to custom clearance, but when I call USPS, they told me my package haven’t arrived in US. I want to know how long will it take to pass custom clearance and where is my package sitting at? Thank you.

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your parcel is either sitting in a warehouse at the airport, or is in transit, which means it takes only the cheapest flights around the globe for a couple of months to finally reach your destination (e.g. flying to peru, sits there for a week, catch the cheapest flight to guatemala etc). perhaps even slower, if they are shipping your parcel out by boat. it is outrageous, how slow this supposed "fast" service from china is. covid or no covid. i was told that i can expect my parcel to arrive in a three month timeframe, for example. no joke... so, was i told... i would suggest you to use dhl only.. it arrives usually in less than week...
Hi irene,

It's still waiting for the plane now. If you couldn't receive it in time, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

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