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Merchandise unacceptable because of order. It took 8 months to
deliver and the 2 wallets and purse are unusable! Is there an email?
PayPay will protect me! The amount was over $76.00. Thank you from
a dissatisfied customer!

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Hi Janet,

Sorry, we don't know the email. If you couldn't receive it in time and the seller couldn't be get connected, you can only wait Paypal to refund you later.
I received a package today in which there were 2 orange straps and some kind of chain. I did not order this.
Hi Don Murphine,

It should be a Brushing Scam. It's sent by sellers in China to boost the seller's ratings by creating fake orders. They usually ship an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the product.
I bought a warm vest got know battery doesn't work and wrong size I have been trying to get a holed of WandFei
Christmas ornament issue. Received a package but no ornament inside. Total weight package is 0.01kg.

Please let me k ow when I can expect the ornament.

Thank you,
Hi Tracie,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the tracking number and check it.
Ordered a American Eagle Wreath, it's a piece of junk!! The odor is unbearable. This company has inferior products from everything I'm reading. There's no information on returns or refunds. The phone number has 13 digits making it to expensive to call and the person answering probably doesn't speak English. What a waste of money.
You need to refund I have a boy not a girl
How do i get a refund clothes do not fit
I saw a purse described as a Dooney Bourke on Instagram and ordered. I had forgotten about it and the purse arrived last week. It is of such poor quality. You should be ashamed to be selling such shabby merchandise. I would like my money refunded from PayPal or whatever credit card you used.
Hi Charlene Bell,

You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution.
Got 2 heated vest and they left out the removable chargers how do I get them?
I bought my daughter. The Halloween before Nightmare before Christmas. It arrived at my home broken. I would another mailed to me or my money back.
I purchased artificial screening for outdoors... I’m pretty sure they were supposed to measure 6’x 3’... what a joke! Unacceptable! It’s 10” x 4.5’ and just plain cheep.
I ordered a steel mini chain saw I got the chain for it but no saw! Where is my saw? You have my money but I have no saw! Please credit my credit card for full amount or send me the saw. Otherwise I will report you to the BBB and claim on Facebook you are all a SCAM
I ordered a pair of brown nonslip thermal boots in brown. They were not as described and don’t fit me. How can I return them for refund? Thank you
You said answer to my question was posted. I don’t see it. How do I get a refund?
Hi Sally,

You need to contact the sender to ask for the address and phone number to return it back.
Bought a "nativity set" and it is a cardboard cutout-I need my money back! How do I go about this?
Orderd a fox fur blanket
. The cost of 200 dollars . When we received the item it was not what we saw on the web page . Not only it wasn't a fur blanket is something of fuzzy cheep costume part. Really wtf .. how do we get a refund or the real blanket we orderd .. not a very happy customer .
Ordered a painted nativity set. Product provided was not painted and inferior quality. Bent in several places as well. Shipping packaging was inadequate. I need my money back I will dispute the charge based on product was not correct.
Ray Reinhard
I ordered a hard plastic motorized squirrel repelling birdfeeder for $35 2 months ago. Today I received a crushed, cracked drinking cup with cutouts for bird perches. No motor. Going immediately into recycling container and I'm filing some official complaints as well as contacting PayPal.

I, too, ordered the small one hand Stihl chain saw, battery operated plus 1 extra chain. I received the chain but not the chain saw. I want the chain saw or my money back. I am also contraction Stihl about this issue.
I ordered 3 heat jackets and they are the wrong size need a xl for all 3 jackets need these asap..
How do I get ahold of seller?
Ordered the orthopedic walking shoes they were nice for the price but I ordered size 8 these would have fit Sasquash! Need to return for right size!
I ordered these 2 squirrel repellent bird feeders which in the picture was made of glass instead we got dented in plastic dollar store looking bird feeders not packaged well, so upset when I opened them. I would like a refund of $40 which I wouldn't pay a penny for them.. They were damaged and not what I ordered.
tracking number LY568054907CN
I noticed that someone else had a problem with this product as well.. THESE ARE GARBAGE!! VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER
I received junk also. They refuse to refund, refuse to answer emails. The phone number is 861 361 024 2752. Of course, you would be calling China. The email that they are no longer answering is good luck.
The bird feeder you sent arrived crushed and broken. There isn't a motor or a bar for the birds or squirrels to hang on.. The bird feeder won't even hold seed because the cheap plastid is cracked where it was crushed.
I want a full refund.
Thank you.
Janae LeBar
I order some shoes wrong size you send me. My number is (704) 670-2407 Please call me
I was sent the wrong size on my order. My number is (704) 670-2407. Could someone call me on this order.

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