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Phone Number of Wang Fei 339 ShangQin Road xian


Merchandise unacceptable because of order. It took 8 months to
deliver and the 2 wallets and purse are unusable! Is there an email?
PayPay will protect me! The amount was over $76.00. Thank you from
a dissatisfied customer!

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This is not what I order I order a colored nativity scene the whole one with animals. I want A refund
Hi karen wilkerson94,

If you don't receive the right thing, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send you the right one).
I ordered the king size fluffy blanket and has to wait for it I got it today when I opened it all I could was cry it cost me $69 it looks like a fluffy floor mat. I want my money back but don't know how to do it.
Hi Lori,

Phone number for 339 ShangQin Road xian is 029-87423706. There is no email for this address.
How sad, trying to help chinese due to covid, and nativity scene tiny and cheap- bait and switch. Instead of one of the most beautiful I'd seen. Waited until 60 years old to have this, for what? Stature and character of these business people the size of these figures? Prayers are with for recuperation from their illness.
Wrong item received. Ordered connect four drinking game and received two small travel games of connect four instead. I paid $65.98 and would like my correct order or a refund
I ordered a nightmare before Christmas light and when it arrived it was shattered I need it replaced
Hi Debbie,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the address to return it back and change.
Can I return items too small
Replace with bigger sizes?
Hi Therese,

You need to negotiate with the seller to ask if you could replace it.
I received two bird feeder that was broken and was not what l order this company is a scam.
What's happening with my order?
I ordered a set of owl rings and only received one...
Rec'd two dresses that don't fit need to return, please advice how to handle for refund
i have been so patient with this order then when i get it the damn shoes dont fit and the color of the print is coming off these was not the shoes i ordered and also i cant find nothing that can refund my order i want my money back asap this is so unacceptable I WANT MY FREAKING MONEY BACK OR SEND ME INFO SO THAT I CANT RECIEVE A REFUND THIS IS SOME REAL BS
I had ordered a clock not a tree decoration I payed $60.00 dollars and I was sent a $1.48 item I want my money back
Is there any way to ban items being sold on the internet from China? I know it was my mistake to order things when it doesn’t say where they are made and where they will be sent from. I ordered these glasses about 2 months ago and they just got here 2 days ago. The company name on the package isWangFei. I tried finding that name on the internet and it is mostly about books and music, so using phony name. If the internet is going to let places sell on it they should make sure they are legal.
I order a pair of tennis shoes sometime ago and only received the right shoe. The tracking number is: LY606341401CN.
Can you please review and send me the left shoe?
Ordered a pair of shoes they are too big. How and where do I return to get my money back?
How do I return a product that I ordered and do not want because it is too small and I do not like the style ?
how do i get a refund i didnt get what i ordered i got 1 small item that was supposed to been a superlarge pallet of stuff for my 58.98 it 100% satisfied or full refund .i sure not satisfied and want my full refund.i thank its a big scram
I just received my"pallet"...A funky ass silver dollar! Not for $40! I demand a return of all monies paid!
I received my 2 bras today. They are way too small for me. Please start a return for me. Please send a shipping label.
Marilyn Norrid
5860 E. Highway 20. Apt 18
Lucerne, California 95458
707 349 0786
I received a pair of sneakers and they are not what I expected! How to return them?
I ordered 9 pallets all I have got is silver dollars and one package with junk
How can I get a refund on my order
I ordered a wreath 3 or 4 months ago and I received it yesterday and oh my gosh this is a freakin scam if I hvnt never seen one. I spent almost 40 dlrs. I will be returning it and want a refund!!!!!!
I ordered 3 pairs of shoes. I received 3 pairs of shoes, only 2 pairs are right size 40. 1 pair is 35. Too small. Why WRONG size. Ordered at same time. What can I do??
I ordered and received them last week. MY Problem is that they are too big. No return or exchange papers were included. I need to get the right size I don't know how or what to do. Can someone please help me? I got two pair HA GOLDEN 42 &HA BLACK 42.

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