How to pick up package in Nansha, Guangzhou?

Asked by Philip | 11/27/2019 3:59:24 AM

I sent my friend in Guangzhou a package from the US and she is still waiting for it, though it has cleared customs. I'm not sure how she can pick if up though. I got the following message from the US Postal Service on the status of the package:

Your item could not be delivered on November 27, 2019 at 12:08 pm in CHINA due to the addressee not available at time of delivery. It is scheduled for another delivery attempt tomorrow.
Tracking Number: CH080323135US

And also this:

Your item is held at the delivery depot/delivery office at 8:23 pm on November 26, 2019 in CHINA.
Tracking Number: CH080323135US

She was home at the time they say it a delivery attempt was made and didn't get a knock on her door or a phone call or anything. It seems like she has to pick it up at the "delivery depot," but we're not sure where that is, or how to find out. Is there a phone number she can call to find out where she can pick it up? Or some other way to get the package?

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Daisy 11/27/2019 11:27:20 PM

Hi Philip,

She can call China Post service number 11183 (Chinese language) to check it for her.

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