China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

I need contact info


My order number : YD156470325YW
I need contact information to Saudi post ?
And how I get order ?
Where the order is in saudi ? I live in Riyadh ?
It is in Riyadh now ?
Can i just pick up item from there offes ?
I am very urgent , I will leavin Saudi Arabia soon and I need the package now
Please I need your cooperative to make process easy to me

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It has been in Saudi Arabia since Jan. 6. Saudi post has got it and will deliver it to your place.

Please call 920005700 to call Saudi post to ask where to pick up the package.

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There is a lack of info from China Post. I kept getting info from Amazon my order would be delivered yesterday. Today they say so sorry & that I should contact you about this order LY067874513CN.

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My package has been stuck for a few weeks. Amazon says to contact you to see if you need more information. My tracking number is LV323274805CN. Please email me and tell me when I can expect my order or if/what info you need to get my package “unstuck”
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To whom it may concern,
Im looking for any info on my package, (tracking number LO832921546CN)
its been over a month now and tracking still says:
2020-03-09 17:04 SHANGHAI (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia
this is un acceptable to me and i would like any info asap.
Thanks, Matt

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