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Import cancelled?!


I got my package tracking message is Import Cancelled. What happened to my package? Will it be sent to me or just returned back to sender? Here is my tracking number EB783798908CN. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Hi Louis,

It will be returned back to the sender as it's not passed the security check. You'd better contact the sender to give you a solution in time.

Number: EB783798908CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> Australia
2023-03-10 14:31 SYDNEY NSW, International arrival - awaiting clearance
2023-03-06 00:57 GUANGZHOU (CN), CHINA, Cleared and awaiting international departure
2023-03-05 23:10 GUANGZHOU (CN), CHINA, Arrived at facility
2023-03-05 15:36 CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)
2023-03-14 09:43 Australia, Outbound Import Cancellation (non-customs/security requirements)
2023-03-10 17:06 Sydney, Outbound Import Customs Hold Pending Inspection (Pending Submission to Border Agencies/Security)
2023-03-10 17:05 Sydney, sent to foreign import customs
2023-03-10 14:31 Sydney, arrive at the drop-off processing centre
2023-03-10 14:30 Sydney, Arrival Destination
2023-03-10 05:31 Aircraft entering the port
2023-03-09 20:46 Airline departure
2023-03-09 09:03 Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier for transportation
2023-03-07 17:11 Guangzhou, leave [Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau], next stop【Guangzhou International Exchange Station】 (via transfer)
2023-03-07 15:41 Guangzhou City, [Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau] returned, remarks: security check returned
2023-03-07 14:10 Guangzhou City, 【Guangzhou International Exchange Station】Return
2023-03-07 14:09 Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier for transportation
2023-03-07 08:10 Airline receives
2023-03-06 00:57 Guangzhou City, 【Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau】 has been exported to direct seal
2023-03-05 22:37 Guangzhou, Arrive at [Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau] (via transfer)
2023-03-05 20:45 Dongguan City, leave [Dongguan Express Processing Center General Service Workshop], next stop【Guangzhou International Exchange Bureau】
2023-03-05 20:35 Dongguan City, Arrive at 【Dongguan Express Processing Center General Service Workshop】
2023-03-05 19:59 Dongguan City, leave [Dongguan International Company Direct International Business Department], the next stop【Dongguan】
2023-03-05 15:36 Dongguan City, [Dongguan International Company Direct International Business Department] has been received

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