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Import Terminated


This order said it was Import Terminated on Oct 22nd. There is no update till now. Where is the parcel now? How many days should I wait to contact the seller? Thank you.

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Hi Wen,

I suggest you contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution from the seller in time. It's still stuck at the customs of the US now.
I sent a package as a private person from The Netherlands to China on December 20th 2021. In a tracking system it said it was in Shanghai on December 29th 2021. On January 2nd 2022 it said it was at the sorting centre. Next, on January 4th, it said "Import terminated".
What does this mean?

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I placed an order back in July and I can’t get any help from the seller. My tracking number is LY848065625CN and one website says “US import” while another one says “import terminated”. I just really need some help and answers. I don’t want to file a dispute unless I have to so I could really use some help to understand what’s going on.

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I have shipped an item to china - Royal Mail Tracking Number RY279472296GB
I have checked the tracking details and it says "Import Terminated"
Can you possibly tell me what this means please?
Is my item still on its way to the recipient? Or is there an issue?
I would be very grateful if you could let me know what is happening as "Import terminated" sounds very final.
Paul Seymour

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