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Is a signature required upon delivery of the package?


Tracking number: GOA104052598YQ
I would like during deliveries if no one answers that the delivery person calls me at 514-702-2884 before leaving the package at the address mentioned.

Marco Leclerc
1104-1600 rue Ottawa
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Email: [email protected]

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I would like to send my friend a package to Mainland China. I wonder if it is required the receiver as written to sign when the package delivered. In case that he is not at home when delivery, is it possible to let others in the house sign for package receiving?

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Does "Registered Mail" mean I have to give my signature when receiving delivery? Because if it does, packet won't be delivered to my mailbox, instead I have to go to the local post office to get it so that they can have my signature. Practice of requiring signatures even for small value deliveries is very inconvenient.

Tracking number EJ226209848AU (5 replies)

Hi Team,
This is regarding a parcel which i sent to the below address.
Tracking number : EJ226209848AU
Sarah Ederson
10B hao lou hua fu dan jun jianzao B9-39 lou
shi Sujiatun qu nanjing nan jie,
shenyang tiyu xueyuan
Shenyang City, Liaoning, 110102
Tel: +8618811882044

Could you please confirm whether this parcel has been delivered directly or someone came to the nearby post office and collected the parcel.

I am asking this information because the above address information is not correct. Someone make use of it and with the tracking details, collected directly from the post office. I would like to highlight this incident that happen with me to the respective authorities.

I have mentioned that signature is required while delivery. I am not sure whether we received the signature while we delivered. Also i have mentioned if the correct person is not receiing then cuorier back to me with my own parcel courier fees.
I would really appreciate if you can investigate what happen with this parcel. It's very important to identify the person behind this so that he will not make use of this loop hole again.

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