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Is my tracking number format valid?


I bought some things to sellers overseas.
After that I got a tracking number, and I want to make sure it's format is correct.
I know that the international tracking number of the China Post consists of a combination of alphabets and numbers
Ex) RS814618308CN
However, my tracking number consists solely of numbers.
Ex) Tracking number82453950003
I want to know if my stuff is valid.
I also want to know if I can track delivery.
please answer about my question.

4 Answer(s)

This number is for China post ordinary small packages and you can't track delivery.
tracking number consisting of 11 numbers belongs to China post ordinary small packet plus. It's cheap and not registered. So, China Post doesn't offer tracking service for it. Also, it needs a long time to reach the destination country usually two months are needed.
I have a package from china to us weight 130 lbs. My question is what do tracking numbers starting with (ly and end with cn) mean?also says features. Small packets. Meaning?
Tracking no start with DL and end CN
Tracking details not found why?

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