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Proper mailing format of address


Tell me the proper format to mail a package with the following format;
Kwai Chung
2-5 Kin Hong Street
Flat 3,12/F Favor Industrial Building
Xianggang 288236

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11 Answer(s)

Hi Gerald,

It should be:
Favor Industrial Building
12/F,Flat 3
2-5 Kin Hong Street
Kwai Chung
Hong Kong 288236 China
I got this information from a company that I’m trying to return an item to what is the postal code and proper shipping info that is need to send it to thank you so much
Flat3,12/F,Favor Industrial Building, 2-5 Kin Hong Street, Kwai Chung
Hong Kong
Hi, Did you get the refund from the seller?
I got the same return shipping address. The selling sending me the wrong products.
They are a company that sells garbage tools and they run a scam. Over priced China garbage, they know the shipping usually cost to much and people are lazy so they get away with sending out crappy tools and then playing dumb. They are professional scammers. You can google and find many people who thought they were buying like a 6 in 1 tool and get a cheap crappy china screw driver instead. You are not dealing with good people just con men.
I received some junk from this same seller and I am trying to return it. They gave me the same messed up address to return. Definitely a scam!!!!
I had the same problem did you ever get a refund my package is stuck in hong kong for 10 days now what can we do about this
I have the same issue. I ordered a work out station and they send me plastic handles and said “ it’s similar.”
Same here. False advertising and $65USD for return shipping on a $90USD product. Total scam. Seller offered 30% refund to close case with PayPal, I countered with 60% since I should have known better than to trust an obviously SE Asian website to be legit.
Did anyone ever get anything back!? We ae going through a return now... £43!!!! to return!
@CodyBryant82, I have the same problem with my order from Milanhm and it requested me to return the wrong item to the same address. I am trying to convince paypal that this is a international scammer. What is your transaction id? let me reference it to paypal for investigation.
Hey everyone...same here! I opened a dispute with PayPal and they said the seller would refund me if I returned the item. Except it would have been ~$74 to return the product that I paid $67 for! I tried to contest their solution online but there wasn't an option for that, so I ended up calling PayPal. I explained the return would be more than the product and they refunded me with no further questions. They also said they were putting a flag on the seller's account. So my advice is call PayPal! Good luck everyone!

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