Is there anything wrong in this tracking number RP709821909CN ?

Asked by Jia | 9/13/2019 7:22:31 AM

Is there anything wrong in this tracking number RP709821909CN ? Will the package be returned since the updates in the site that I ordered is this:

-> Left [international mail processing center], next stop [ jiamin processing center] (transfer)

2019-09-13 14:14UTC

-> [International Mail Processing Center] returned, remarks: security check returned

And I've been trying to ask the online store where I odered from and they haven't replied to me about my order so I am not sure whether my package is being returned to the sender.

Thank you.

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Daisy 9/13/2019 8:29:32 PM

It's not returned to the sender. It's still n transit now. You'd better open a dispute on AliExpress if you couldn't get it in time.

2019-09-14 08:42
Beijing, arriving at Beijing Terminal (via transfer)

2019-09-14 06:03
Shanghai, leaving the Shanghai Jiamin Processing Center, the next stop , Beijing Terminal (via)

2019-09-12 21:07
Shanghai, "International Mail Processing Center" return, note: security return

2019-09-08 14:32
Shanghai, arriving at the Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center (via transfer)

2019-09-08 05:20
Yingtan, leave the Post Yingtan City Mail, the next stop " Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center" (via transfer)

2019-09-08 01:10
Eagle Lake, Arrive at Post Eagle Tan City Mail (via transfer)

2019-09-07 22:06
Nanchang, leave the Nanchang Center, the next stop "Post Eagle Tan City Mail"

2019-09-07 18:30
Nanchang, reach Nanchang Center

2019-09-06 22:41
Nanchang, leave Nanchang Parcel Express Bureau, next stop "Nanchang International"

2019-09-06 17:45
Nanchang, Nanchang Parcel Express Bureau has received, agent: Nanchang 002

2019-09-05 09:53
Logistics orders created

Jia 9/13/2019 8:39:50 PM

So, will I be able to still receive my package? Thank you so much for answering.

Daisy 9/13/2019 9:39:45 PM

Yes, you should receive it later.

Jia 9/13/2019 9:50:38 PM

Thank you

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