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I did the recieve my order


My tracking number is RG008631657CN
Showing to be delivered, this is a wrong adress and wrong person. I didn't receive any thing.
How I can get it now?

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China post can you help me to determind where in my country you send my order .and i will get with my own...i already put in the order my full details..full come it happens...why you said that it was delivered...i did not recieve anything.. or you delivered with out any confirmation from or verification before you give the items if the person its me or will not be able to see any ids of costumer if the reciever its me or not..or doing any phone calls i already put that before i pay my order...

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I never recieve my order, the number was AS811365432CN and i was suppose to recieve it in Canada at Québec city but the tracking tell me he was out for devivery the 12 june by china post. We dont have china post in Canada. So ils impossible that my order was out for delivery in Canada. Can you retriever my order please


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Please help to track my package RV517183289CN.
How do I recieve this, here in PH, I'm about to refund my payment because the order placed last Nov. 11,2020, until now no delivery done.

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