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Last update was Aug.8/23 Canada Destination Country Arrival


Is there something I need to do to get this package on the move again. Due I need to pay a duty on it or a tax of some sort. The tracking # is UD663161460YP

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Update on Shipment (1 reply)

Tracking # LZ796631084CN. Where is the shipment, since May 17 the site has said arrival at destination, yet no update from destination country delivery system. Canada post is saying product is still in China.

Meaning of 'arrival at destination'? Does it mean it's in my city? (2 replies)

Hey, I'm just wondering what arrival at destination means. The last update was arrival at customs. Does it mean its in Canada? Or in my city? And will I receive more tracking updates after this? My tracking number is LX261788321CN.

Thanks for the help

package stuck at 'arrival at destination' (3 replies)

hello, my parcel has been stuck at 'arrival at the destination' for over 2 weeks now. is it in my country (new zealand) or is it in another country? please help as it has been 45 days and i am worried about my parcel. LE184496023CN is the tracking number. please help with shipping update. thank you.

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