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Letter Delivered


Please, my registered letter was delivered but the note says: Delivered to: BRQS
What does it means?

Thank you very much, in advance.

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Hi Gilberto,

What's the tracking number for your package? Do you mean the recipient hasn't got it?
Hi Daisy.
Yes, recipient didn´t got it, but it is said that it was delivered to BRQS.
Letter status is "Delivered".
Track number is RR095061501BR .
The postman may put it somewhere and sent a message to the recipient's phone to notice him/her pick it up there. Please let the recipient check his/her phone message to see. If not, call the postman's phone 17707627198 to ask. He could only speak Chinese.
Thank you very much for your information.
I am gonna follow it.
Parcel status is "Item delivered to BRQS" , recipient haven't receive the goods. May I know what mean BRQS?
Tracking no : EE059357906MY

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