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Asked by sws | 5/18/2020 11:31:32 AM

This package was sent from ShenZhen on April 4 2020 and has been in customs for a month. The US Postal service asks that the foreign postal Administration contact them for status. Would you do this? If not who do I need to contact in China to do this?
Tracking: FEISZ1701173611YQ

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Daisy 5/19/2020 4:39:48 AM

Hi sws,

You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution.

Number: FEISZ1701173611YQ
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-04-16 10:00, In customs clearance
2020-04-15 08:33, Flight arrived
2020-04-11 03:18, Flight departed
2020-04-06 19:00, Flight reservation pending
2020-04-03 20:34, Departed facility
2020-04-02 23:05, ShenZhen, Order processed

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