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Location of package RQ210744247UZ


Please, could you tell me the location of this package tracking number : RQ210744247UZ. I'd like to know adress of the post office in Sanya.

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Hi Inna,

The package is at Lizhigou Post Branch. It's address is No. 176, Lizhigou Road, Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan. In Chinese, the address is: 海南省三亚市吉阳区荔枝沟路176

Latest tracking information:
2018-01-17 14:06 Lizhigou Post Branch, Sanya
2018-01-17 13:46 Sanya Lizhigou Branch processing center, arrived
2018-01-16 10:08 Haikou processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic)
2018-01-16 08:19 Haikou, opened for demolition
2018-01-14 14:36 Guangzhou processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic)
2018-01-14 11:01 Guangzhou, opened and dismantled

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