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Mapping of Postal Code to SAP-fiel "Region"


we are using SAP ERP-System and are maintaining a lot of Chinese Customers in the System.
Our Logicstics Service Provider asked us to use the Customer Master Data field "Region" correctly. At the moment we only maintain the Postcal Code so we would enrich the existing address data with the 3-digit-numeric Region Code.
We were not able to find a mapping table in the Internet which shows CN Postal Code and the Region Code (not sure if this is the Province, State or something else) needed in SAP.
Can you please provide us such a list?
Please find a list of the 3-digit-numeric Region Code below.
Thanks for your help and best regards

Existing Regions in SAP Standard Setup (3-digit-numeric Region Code) :
010 Beijing
020 Shanghai
030 Tianjin
040 Nei Mongol
050 Shanxi
060 Hebei
070 Liaoning
080 Jilin
090 Heilongjiang
100 Jiangsu
110 Anhui
120 Shandong
130 Zhejiang
140 Jiangxi
150 Fujian
160 Hunan
170 Hubei
180 Henan
190 Guangdong
200 Hainan
210 Guangxi
220 Guizhou
230 Sichuan
240 Yunnan
250 Shaanxi
260 Gansu
270 Ningxia
280 Qinghai
290 Xinjiang
300 Xizang
320 Chong Qing

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