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Package never received


according to the tracking information provided by the seller, my package was delivered on September 22, 2020 but I never received it. The time of delivery, as reported on the tracking information, was in the middle of the day. As one who works from home, I'm here everyday and never miss a delivery. I contacted the seller to confirm which delivery service i should expect. He never responded. I contacted the Seller again to confirm delivery. He never responded. If this was delivered via the US Postal Service, then I would have received an email informing me of a delivery. Through the US Postal Service's Informed Delivery Program, I receive an email every time I have mail and/or packages coming that day. I have every email from September 22nd through today and there is no package in the email from the seller or China Postal Tracking. Please send proof of delivery.

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Hi be.vivid,

Is the tracking number starts with A? I have found many people don't receive tha package that has the tracking number starting with A. It may be delivered to some other place. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back.
I have two packages (AS810668777CN, AQ219712290CN) that say they were delivered both on the the same day. Both package packages have not been delivered. where are you getting this status from, and where were these delivered to. The Seller says to contact my local post office. I did, they have no record. what is going on? I see lots of these types of complaints from CHINA EMS.
This item shows delivered but was not received. I work from home so there was no way it was delivered without my knowledge please track and advise
I havent receive my package but it's say delivered. Tracking number AS810831324CN
I never received my package. It said it was delivered. Once it was delivered in the US. Where did it go?
My post AS810866443CN has still not delivered. It arrived in Ireland on the 23rd if December.

Is there a centre in Ireland I can ring to try and find where it is ??
My parcel says out for delivery on the 10th. It is now the 13th. Where is my package? what carrier is delivering it? AS812277282CN
Where is my package???
AS750035732CN from CKELIN. For me, the ripoff came from Facebook. Facebook refuses to prevent these companies from running ads ripping people off and never delivering the product.
Keep in mind they also have your card number. How do we know that this isn't Russia funding a war? A terrorist organization? Drug dealers?
As long as Facebook gets money, they clearly don't care, despite many complaints.
And yes, the same responses, no nothing. They will deem it as "shipped" and it's not.
The tracking companies will only say that it's "in the USA" and nothing more.

So let's say I get the card company, to give me the money back..that STILL means CKELIN kept the money. The card company is taking the loss.

If THATS how business is in the USA? Then we are all working for the wrong people. We need to JOIN this idea and start selling crap to China, and never deliver a THING.

I bet if we ran ads making exposing certain compa is, Facebook would quickly ban us.
Parcel says delivered. I haven't received it. I'm home all day.
Tracking number AS750238693CN
Paul Alcock
AS750275108CN tracker says it was successfully delivered, but I did not receive any package. Please advise
Tracking number AG021830003CN

Please let me know about this
I didn't receive my package that was supposedly delivered on the 28th of march 2023 AS750183069CN can someone please tell me where it is.
I ordered record player on 7th March it said delivered March 27th I haven't received it tracking number Lv7236860cn
Package AS750334900CN shows delivered by I never received it. Please advise where it was delivered to.
Package says it's been delivered but has not been and someone has been home everyday
Tracking Number is AQ050526505CN
Mine say delivered and I never received it were is my package.
My tracking number is
I ordered a drone online China post claims it was delivered to address and it was not. My payment was taken from account.. I don't want to get law involved but I'm out of options.. any advice tracking provided by seller was AQ108216221CN
Yep, I ordered a gift for my mother (she found the item online) with a tracking number that starts with A, took weeks to ship, says it was delivered but it definitely wasn't. Also says it was delivered at 1:00 in the morning. Shady shady "postal" service.
I don't recieved my package and it shows on system it's delivery at 7/1 and that not happen
Can you help me to find where my package?
I have one package trucking number is AG576552665CN
I don't receive my package and it shows delivered on the system
I need to help me to find my package I been waiting almost month to receive it
Please contact me as soon as possible
Tracking # AG633829216CN

It says delivered on July 3 but i still have not received my packages. What is the status or what address was it delivered???
I have several packages that say deliver that were not. One tracking number is AQ015545335CN. Where is the package?
I ordered some packages and they never arrived but it says they were delivered the tracking number is "AG809677189CN" "LR056006049CN" can someone help me with this? I want my packages I was very excited about these purchases.
I ordered a toy a year ago without getting it. Paid it immediately please help
I haven’t received my parcel even though when I track it say’s delivered. What shall I do?

Tracking number China post: AS010777528CN
Package stated it was delivered however I did not receive it. The post office did not have the package either
I ordered a radio I really wanted on July 19, 2023. Todst is August 14th. It was from an online Chinese store called Nimiyo. It was being sent by China Post. The tracking no.also started with AQ & ended with CN.
I have been following my tracking no. every day. The tracking moved along smoothly with no problems. It would move from one processing center to another, then into the USA then into another place then into MI where I live & as of August 12 It said it arrived at my local post office. I called & they said there is no such number in their system. I'm so disappointed. I emailed the company & it seems to be a scam email. Called China Post. They said once it enters the US, they can't track it anymore. Now I wonder what can we do or who do we contact?
Despite track and trace, I HAVE'T RECEIVED MY POST. I will have a compesation.

I never received my two packages

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