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package received, not ordered


Hi, I recently received a package from:
PuTianShi FIJIAN 35110
I didn't order this package, and am wondering why I received it?
How do I get this to the actual owner or whoever really ordered it?
Can you help me track the sender/original buyer?
Thank you

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Hi Bev,

Sorry, we don't know who delivered it to you. You can only try to find the their address from the lable of the box. This may be the reason why you received it:
I received a package today, one small foldable toothbrush.
Why was it sent to me?
Hi steve,

It may be a brushing scam.

I received a package I did not order, it was an Air Cusion 150x170mm from @
YangYang No 5 Yuxi Roads Nanming district Guiyang City Guiyang Guizhou Guiyangshi Guizhou Usheng 550001. Anyone know who they are?
Received also ring in plastic envelop from zhangjing. What do you mean by scat?
I a chair and got a mit witch cos me 20$ I don't even know why but I didn't get my chair i payed 54.96 for

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