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Where is my package?


May 8th, the package was "sent to airline". I have not received an update since. I tried calling the number available and pressing "8" for English service doesn't matter. I have received other packages from china that were ordered AFTER this product, and I would like to know where it is and why I haven't received it. Please don't just tell me it's delayed due to COVID-19 or something. Like I said, I've received packages ordered after this one, so there is no delay on this package that the others haven't experienced. I've been charged for this package. I have already contacted the seller, and they redirect me to contact you.

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Hi Becky,

We are only a tracking platform for packages for free. We couldn't only check the last tracking information is delivered to airtransport on May 8 and it's still in transit now. The seller should contact China Post directly in China to check it further. If you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact seller for refund. China Post only has shipping contract with seller not buyer. So if the parcel is lost or stuck for a long time, China Post will compensate the money to shipper not receiver. You have the right to get your money back from seller.
My order wasn't what I ordered what can I do
Hi Ernest Mitchell,

You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution from the seller as soon as posisble.

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