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Meaning of "handed over to the carrier transport"


My tracking number is LY658044085CN and has been stuck at "2021-02-25 04:05
Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier transport". Does this mean it is on it's way by boat?

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Hi KB,

It takes more days to leave China after it has been handed over to the carrier transport. It usually takes about 20-40 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after it was handed over to the carrier transport. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
Hello my item said 2021-05-26 06:34Guangzhou City,handed over to the carrier transport. This the second time is was sent to carrier transport and it’s already been a month since it was first shipped out. What is the next step from there?
Needing a bit of help with this package CP437423079CN. 30 days now and still showing handed to carrier transport. Have never had to wait this long before
My tracking number is LY852072614CNLY852072614CN can I have an estimation for when my package will arrive?
Hi Brandon,

They take about another 20-40 days to reach the US. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
Hello Daisy, can you help me?
My item had been stuck in “ Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier transport”
Tracking number : LP111691993CN

Thank you
Handed over to the Carrirer,SHIPPING
My package also in transit for 10 days and no update. J just want to sent it to Korea. Is that normal that it takes so long. Tracking LP119199586CN
Hi Daisy,
My item has been stuck on 'Handed to Airlines' for over a month.
Has the item left china?
Tracking number: LZ999839543CN
Any advice offered will be hugely appreciated.
My parcel is LV239321871CN are u able to check this please? Going to nz from China
Hi , my parsel is LV242979924CN , it still shows that at the shanghai .it was so late. Did it stuck my parsel ? Can you Chuck out my parsel please?
LY888717461CN Handed over to carrier on 9/27/21 no updates in over 21 days! Any insight?
My tracking number is CP445338973CN. Where is my package and how long is it gonna take for it to be delivered? It’s been in the same position for almost a month. How long is it supposed to take ? I’ve ordered it back in September. It’s about to be November. This is very frustrating and i know this will be my first and last time using dhgate for anything. Horrible service.
Tem uma encomenda pra me já tem 8 dias hoje será possível me enformar o dia da entrega? O número de rastreamento e YBR001129563
I have not gotten any update on my package at all I need to know what’s going on it updated one time 11/04/21 nothing else after that LY897757058CN I need to know when I’m going to get my packages two USA
Hi it has been 39 days my package LV294925351CN has been handed over to carrier, returned, and handed over to the carrier. My other package sent later than this one is arriving to me tomorrow. So just curious why this package from same company is taking so long.
Hi, I bought many things of this company and the shipping was always really fast. But now the LV330284043CN is very slow and I think it's stuck. What can I do?
Help where is my package LY927257441CN
Hi my tracking number is EV005418540CN when will I get this post is says parcel handed over to carrier. I paid a lot of money for this item and its coming from China. Can you tell me when should I receive this parcel.
EB754265813CN Can you check wheres my order, its been 30 days since handed to carrier transport and over 2 months since the package was sent the first time? what is happening?
My parcel LV375615139CN says handed over to carrier on 11/12/2021
It's now 7/01/2022 and there is no updates
Could you she'd some light on what's happening
My parcel.say delivery Ed but it hasn't been
My package has been in "handed over to carrier" since 1-4-22. the tracking number is cp441591970cn. When will it move or arrive?
Hi there,
My parcel was "Handed to the Carrier" in Guangzhou China 4 days ago. For 3 days there has been an "error with tracking" to Quote the website. Can you please tell me where my parcel is and which company has it? Also how long deliveries to Australia from China EMS are currently taking. I understand it's only been 8 days in transit but I was told 2 weeks and now I can't even track my parcel. Thanks for your help! Tracking no is: LV536853738CN

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