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Missing package 52 days in transit!!


Can you give me an update on my package.
The tracking number is RV910230175CN.
This package has been 52 days in transit no recent updates?
Traveled from China to Romania (not Ireland where I live!!), back to China and now is missing again?

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Hi Robert,

The seller may give you a wrong tracking number or he filled a wrong address on the label of the package. Better contact the seller as soon as possible to give you a solution.
I ordered a Jacket from a Company in China On 12/20/19 .
Tracking Number is :LS199551962CN
For whatever reason it was not shipped out till 01/20/2020. the last tracking I got was this

2020-01-21 02:41 Wuhan, delivered to air transport That was it . The company I ordered the item from is not being very helpful . All there say keep on tracking its on its way to me . ( I will deal with them later - I just like to find out what time frame and I looking at to get my package . Thats all I am after . If everything shut down till pneumonia outbreak is under control . I am not mad at you guys I am only upset with the company the I got the Item from .

My heart really goes out to all in your area . This must be one big nightmare . And I feel your pain . From My family to all We send our best wishers and tell you all to hang in there . Everyone across the world is working on killing this nasty bug ! Your not alone Be strong Head up don't look down Head up high . Show others your all fighters and your going to do your part to win this fight against this bug .
Its amazing me how something that is so small is causing much trouble around the world
Hi Nathan,

It should have left China on Jan. 21 ans is still in transit to the US now.

Number: LS199551962CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-01-21 02:41, Wuhan, delivered to air transport
2020-01-21 02:33, Wuhan City, arriving at Hubei International Exchange Station
2020-01-21 02:30, Wuhan City, away from the Wuhan International Processing Center, the next stop ,"Hubei International Exchange Station"
2020-01-20 22:30, Wuhan City, Wuhan International Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-01-17 13:55, Wuhan City, leaving the Cross-Border E-commerce Department, the next stop , Wuhan International Processing Center
2020-01-17 13:12, Wuhan City, "Cross-border e-commerce to attract investment department" has received

My package LX147671315CN should have arrived in the UK 2 weeks ago and is still “in transit”. Can you Please update me on where it is? It is a birthday gift, so I’d really appreciate knowing
Hi there, my parcel has been shipped since 25th July, I was confused for these track and trace, it said arrived but actually not, I have confirmed with Parcelforce, so what is this arrived at destination airport means? Can someone help please? Thank you.

2020-08-07 07:39, Arrive at your destination airport.
2020-08-06 19:05, The airline is shipping.
2020-08-03 12:09, Airline to receive.
2020-07-25 05:20, Guangzhou City, leaving the Guangzhou International Center, the next stop "Guangzhou International Exchange Station" (via transfer)
2020-07-25 04:59, Guangzhou City, "Guangzhou International Center" has been exported to the direct seal.

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