Asked by Jamie Ross | 11/11/2019 6:28:56 AM

I placed an order for a small item over 2 weeks ago. The item is supposed to be shipped airmail to South Africa but it is showing the following. Why does it take so long for you to send something by airmail? This is a very good reason never to purchase from China.

Ref - RV223430746CN
Local date/time Activity Location Remarks
2019/11/4 8:39 Received by Post Office
2019/11/4 14:06 Departure export customs CNDGGA

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Daisy 11/11/2019 8:00:59 PM

It left China on Nov. 5 and is en route to South Africa now. International package usually takes about a month to be delivered to South Africa from China. Please wait patiently.

2019-11-05 23:20
Airline departure

2019-11-04 14:06
Dongguan City, Dongguan International has been exported directly sealed

2019-11-04 09:26
Dongguan City, leaving the "package express bulk business department back-office support class", the next stop "Dongguan International"

2019-11-04 08:39
Dongguan City, "Parcel Express bulk business department back-office support class" has received, agent: dg3

2019-11-01 11:03
Logistics order created

Maria Julian 5/4/2020 9:50:30 AM

What’s the status of my package? LO924531921CN

It’s shows Departure Export Customs on 3/2320 and 4/29/20. Is that package stuck somewhere? When can I expect to be delivered in Canada?

Thank you,


Daisy 5/10/2020 9:54:58 PM

Hi Maria Julian,

It's in transit in China now:

Number: LO924531921CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2020-04-29 16:35, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed
2020-04-29 16:35, Shenzhen, "Shenzhen Exchange Bureau" return, note: security return
2020-03-23 14:18, Shenzhen, leaving the Shenzhen Interchange Bureau, the next stop , Shenzhen International Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-03-23 07:04, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed
2020-03-22 05:32, Shenzhen, arriving at Shenzhen Swap Bureau (via transfer)
2020-03-22 04:03, Dongguan City, leaving the "Dongguan Express Processing Center", the next stop , Shenzhen Interchange Bureau
2020-03-21 20:05, Dongguan City, arriving at The Dongguan Express Processing Center
2020-03-21 20:04, Dongguan City, leaving the Qingxi Collection And Investment Department, the next stop " Dongguan Express Processing Center"
2020-03-21 14:02, Dongguan City, "Qingxi To solicit investment department" has received

Megb121 6/10/2020 12:13:17 AM

My package hasn’t moved in almost TWO MONTHS! This needs to be resolved and delivered to me ASAP. two months. I was patient but it has been way too long now. Tracking number is LS321540993CN

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