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My pallet...can you please track


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Info for post costs for package Shenzhen - Belgrade, Serbia (0 reply)

Dear Sir,
QUESTION : what is the total postAL costs via official Chinese
mail (not DHL, they are very expensive),from Shenzhen to Belgrade, Serbia, for 8 pieces CS POWER HTL solar GEL BATTERIES transported to two rows of 4 batteries, in one pallet of dimensions 68 cm x 62 cm x 44 cm, plus slightly larger dimensions for the thickness of the pallet in all measurements and that is the volume of V = 0.1 m3 and weight = 250 kg., and for that package, how much would the postal costs be from Shenzhen to Belgrade, Capitol of Serbia ?

Best, Aleksandar Skocajic, Belgrade, Capitol of Serbia

AQ523152921CN (1 reply)

Would you be able to tell me from the tracking number how much the shipment weighs, what aretge dimensions of the box and whether it has a pallet?

I didn't receive (1 reply)

Hi there I have a pallet that I have not got yet after 40 days says it is delivered buy I didn't get it tracking number is Aq847945115cn

Track lost (2 replies)

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